Strange things are happening on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Geese are ruling the campus.  Parking is disappearing.  The void is consuming all.  Student radio is the only thing standing between the campus and total destruction.  Welcome to UMSL.



For the full, hour-long uncut version of each episode, visit the page on altliferadio.com.


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The Welcome to UMSL Photo Contest

Welcome To UMSL, the campus’s absurd and satirical podcast and radio show is hosting its first ever photo contest! Humans will have the ability to take photos of anything and everything around the campus that makes UMSL wonderfully weird. Winners will receive a shout-out on the show, their photo featured on the website, in the studio, and being the cover for the podcast for that week, and a prize TBA. Rule details are listed below.


Weird show idea?  Weird thing happen on campus?  Have a comment to send to the sentient being that created this program?  Fill out the contact form below, and you will be able to die in peace.